Boat Bucks to Date

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Boats have a semi-famous acronym Break Out Another Thousand, which certainly has some truth to it, especially when paying someone else to do all of the work for you, compounded by the fact that once something gets labeled a speicality part of some kind, in this case for marine/boat use, prices seem to skyrocket a bit.  A car wash bucket? $5.  A boat wash bucket?  Expect the same part to ’suddenly’ cost more.  In some cases - it’s at least somewhat warranted where the part is indeed special and has lower production quantities, such as guaranteed no-spark engine and bilge compartment components, in some others - not so much.

Regardless, I’m going to lay this out best I can, with both the original purchase and getting ship-shape as the initial round of work to the boat and trailer, compared to fair market value of the boat at time of purchase, followed by a rolling misc expenses as we go. This may give someone an idea of what may be involved, noting that doing the work yourself can certainly reduce the costs in some areas, sometimes significantly, and labor prices may vary.

The ‘ready for fun’ state includes a remanufactured Bravo 3 lower, HVAC replacement and a thorough end-to-end mechanical inspection and extended sea trial. If the boat were already local, I would have probably done at least some of the work myself, but really wanted our first season and on-delivery to be as enjoyable as possible, so in this case, I chose to pay in $ versus time to get her to the ‘starting point.’

The other expenses range from intial slip setup and basic boat ownership bits to ‘I felt like it’ items.

Initial purchase and ‘ready for fun’ work and maintenance totals

Date What Notes Total
11/2/2019 1998 SDA Sundancer 270 60 hours on new engine, new bimini and camper tops, new carpet, 1YO bottom paint $8000
11/2019 Prior possible purchaser's survey Prior paid $1K for ~40 page survey.   $100
12/2019 30' tri-axle aluminum trailer, used $2000
12/2019 New trailer tires(6) with install, grease bearings $450
12/2019 Remanufactured Bravo 3 lower From US Boatworks $3695
12/2019 new anodes + anode prop kit $100
12/2019 (2) new Group 27 batteris Lead acid Interstate $220
5/2019 New HVAC 10K unit Mabru Systems lifetime compressor warrantee SC10K unit $1989
5/2019 HVAC installation Not impressed by this one but ... $1032
5/2019 New Sea Pump - parts HVAC guy 'missed' this one - how? $200
2019/2020 Winterization and de-winterization $250
Feb-June 2020 Misc Boat readiness items before delivery General end to end run-through of mechanicals
Replace sea pump, leaking trim manifold batteries, anodes
Re-aligned twisted cooling hose to stern drive
Impeller, tune-up, fuel system checkup
Repaired bilge pump + blower wiring
Fixed stern light wiring, misc other work
6/2020 Delivery and setup in new slip $400
Total splash-ready with all systems operational. Fair Market value of ~$30K
Could have come out a bit less - cheaper HVAC (or better HVAC guy? :( ), not replaced trailer tires, etc.

Misc other Expenses