Riding Costa Rica, Day 7: To Manuel Antonio

This trip took us a few hours, and probably a bit over, as there were a fair number of slower riding areas, as well as some of the scariest bridges I’ve come across.  

The bridge to the right is around Jaco, but looks very much like the main bridge into Manuel Antonio - there are places you can see straight through it to the water, and sometimes, crocodiles below, and let’s just say those of us who ride bikes know what motorcycle tires like to do ig grabbing a rut.  Trucks actually cross these things, which is just…amazing.  

In many cases, signs for ‘Ceda El Paso’ were on either sides of these bridges, which essntailly means - ‘give way’ or ‘cede the pass,’ and in reality meant traffic going one way would go across at a time.  

I thought I’d gotten a pic of the main one into Manual Antonio but I may have been distracted staring at this thing…so borrowed one online for this specific image.

SIgn in middle of nowhere..

We made it to Manuel Antonio without too much trouble otherwise, noting that even in the middle of nowhere, ‘Pilsens’ (bars) seemed to exist even where nothing else seemingly did.

The main attaction of Manuel Antonio is the state park, which has lots of wildlife, but in particular…monkeys. It was pretty amazing.

SIgn in middle of nowhere..

The rest of the day

This is where my memory, and some of my pictures, are throwing me for a loop.  

We ate dinner in or around Manuel Antonio, and I finally dared to try a Costa Rican steak, as they generally are not worth getting (very lean, not great) unless they’re specifically brought in from elsewhere, or catering to non-locals.  It was pretty good.  

What I don’t recall for certain is where we specifically stayed…but here are some pics from the rest of the afternoon and night.

Heading back with one more stop tomorrow..