Why a motorcycle?

Let’s face it. If you’re a guy, and you’re not a Momma’s boy, and maybe even then - speed is fun.
It’s exhilarating. Muscle cars were amazing for their times, and now electric cars with their crazy <3 second 0-60 times, while anything under 6 seconds is ‘pretty fast’ still today.

What’s even more fun? Speed AND turning at the same time with the feel of the wind, or jumping things, or climbing things. In other words, motorcycles. Ok - also fast convertibles, skydiving and hang-gliding, but those are for different blogs. Motorcycles. :) (Ok, not so much on the turning side for classic harley’s and cruiser clones, but - they’re still got something. )

I've ridden on and off-road for a while, first learning how to ride a racing dirt bike literally in the middle of a snowstorm when I was 12 or so. It was an RM250 2-stroke, and I pretty much needed a ladder to get on the thing. Friends also had bikes, and we'd ride all over the place, on and off-road, sometimes not necessarily with 'the right bike for the job,' but..what can ya do? :-)

Since then, I took a break at various times due to the insanity of being on the road with ‘the typical drivers.’ You know the ones - cellphones or makeup in hand, sweeping across several lanes without looking, seemingly making it their life’s goal to crush someone into the median or off the road… During my ‘breaks’ I would have gladly gone to a dirt bike only for a while, but moving around different places didn’t make that easy without easy accessible places for off-roading.

I’m a big fan of training where it matters - firearms, track time with cars, and yes, that includes motorycles, even if primarily driven on the latter to avoid those ‘typical drivers’ and keep skills sharp. Over 20 years after first  jumping on a bike and getting air time, or doing 3 digit speeds on the road. I took an MSF satefy course. Add in their advanced class, a Police motorcycle traing course, advanced motorcycle evasion and safety, and more. Try it, especially if you’re a new rider - it’s not only fun, but might well save your ass when someone else does something stupid on the streets.

Final note: Speed and hooliganism is almost addictive. Putting on the adult hat for a momen - on the streets, it can also be dangerous, not only to you but to others as well - so please consider it, not only for your sake but for others. Having said that - ride on and keep the shiny bits up!