From Iowa to NC, Day 6: Time to head home

I got up on Monday, and realized I'd forgotten to do any Laundry at Charlenes. Damnit. I was only a few hours away from home, regardless.

I'd planned on taking her for a ride, but the heat index warning was true to it's word - just stepping outside was ungodly hot out, and sweat starting pouring nearly instantly. Apparently it was 101* F or so, with chances to go higher. Yay for NC..especially with the humidity. Ahh well, next time for the ride.

I headed out, and was definitely feeling the heat, but figured a few hours, and I'd stop at least once at a rest stop, and another time for gas and a quick break. I'd originally planned on finding somewhere interesting to stop off on the way, maybe somewhere in Winston or around Greensboro, but the heat pretty much helped making the decision to just head for home.

At one rest area, a pair of riders came in on Indians, and we chatted for a few. The one guy was doing a dry run before heading out on a 30 day or so road trip on it. Gorgeous bike!

While we were talking, a mini-van/SUV like thing pulled in, and a Mom and her kid came out the side. The little kid immediately ran over to the bikes, so we took a few pictures of him sitting on the bike.  Of course, that made him want to sit on all of the bikes, but the Mom managed to dissuade that from happening. :-)

The rest of the trip was pretty uneventful until making it home.

I'd managed to not think about work, and the inevitable flood of emails and deadlines to go back to, for 6 days or so, and that was good. Total mileage was around 1400 or so for the trip. Still have no idea how to pull the entire routes off the GPS, but, one of these days..