Some initial updates on the boat

Crazy busy at work, and still trying to reach the marina...

This has been an insanely busy time at work, working nearly around the clock.

I’ve had the same poor results for a while in reaching anyone at the marina to confirm on my slip, so let things slip (no pun intended) for a while. My wife mentioned something the other weekend about it, and I decided to renew my attempts at reaching the marina once again.

Phone calls just went to voicemail which was usually full. I did notice they updated their website, which always looked like it was rarely updated and not the most ‘modern’ site I’ve seen….and they apparently were offering a new program to dry stack + put in/out of water for those without slips or wanting one.

That sort of got me going - here’s a new program but no call back on my slip? Tried their contact form - it’s broken. Phone - full voicemail. Finally, I found an email address buried on one of the pages so tried that. The next day - I got an email bounced response. I was a bit…annoyed. I looked at the email and saw a typo (directly on their web site), correted it to what I thought it should be, and sent it off again.  

Miraculously, a day or two later...

 I got a phone call.

It was in the middle of a work call, but I was able to put that on hold for a few, and found out the owner, Andy, was working on a slip for me, and would let me know within a few days or so. I almost fell off my chair. Nice guy, and I suppose life does get busy - just wish he’d had some staff that were able to make this a cleaner, less frazzling process, as I literally had no idea if I’d even hear from them definitively this year at this point….something fairly concerning when you have a boat coming, it can’t go into your yard, and were, well - actually planning on using it!

Syncing back with the broker and mechanic

I hadn’t been in much contact with my boat broker, Justin, or the mechanic. They’d let me know when the lower showed up, and I’d assumed the rest of the work was in flight, but I also hadn’t reached out, so gave them a call. Considering the whole COVID situation, I was halfway wondering how their businesses were going, but as it turns out - they were overloaded. Good for them, but - hey, I’d like my boat now that I’ll be confirmed on a slip…finally. :)

I still needed to get them an HVAC unit, and then I’d be reaching out to Kevin to try to get it all worked out.